How To Sell Your House Quickly in 2019

How To Sell Your House Quickly in 2019

  1. Recognize that each market is different

    Pricing your property around the average sales price for your neighborhood is the best starting point. Realize that neighborhood amenities will impact the speed at which your home seels.

  2. Get a home inspection

    Home Advisor says that basic inspections range from $270 to $378. Being proactive often puts sellers in a better position to negotiate their final sales price. Reduce drama and increase your final sales price by doing repairs in tandem with sell-prep work so that when the house hits the market it is at it’s very best.

  3. Refresh your space with professional stagging

    Decluttering your space allows prospective home buyers to see themselves and their belongings in the space.

    Clear off counters, minimize cords, tuck personal photos and other items away.

  4. Choose upgrades wisely

    Consult your realtor to see what upgrades buyers expect to see in your neighborhood. Home upgrades can be costly, choose them wisely. Some updates and additions have a much higher return on investment than others.

  5. Set a realistic sales price

    In competative markets, buyers often don’t want to pay more than what the comps show. Pricing your home correctly when it first goes on the market is very important to the success of your home sale.