Big News + BIG Blooms

Big News + BIG Blooms


Copper Dwelling & Design, owner & designer, Brittany Kelly

We are so excited for 2018 and have tons planned for Copper Dwelling+Design. It's going to be a big year of growth and new ventures. First up, on the list of exciting things being released, is an idea we've been working on for months, while thinking of ways to set ourselves apart from others. Something unique, useful and, well, "US".

What is an item that makes a great closing gift for Michael's Real Estate clients? What would be a great gift to say Thank You for trusting me with your home or business design? Well, after months of researching and brainstorming, we've birthed something to tickle our fancy. It's colorful, warming, stylish, great in every room, and highly uncommon.... 

Say hello to Copper Dwelling's newest offspring, available in February 2018 


Have you ever seen a life-size bouquet? Well... neither have we. Who wouldn't want this amazing glory? Enough flowers to spread the love to every single room in your house. After each closing, Real Estate Clients will have a personal delivery from Copper Dwelling+Design. Design clients, (In my best Oprah voice), you get flowers & you get flowers! As a thank you for trusting us with your home or business, you will receive a one of a kind special delivery! 

Special Orders are available for the extraordinary person in your life. Prices starting at $150.

We're super excited and can't wait to start delivering the goodness all over town. We hope you'll enjoy them. Be sure to subscribe below and follow us on social media to hear the next exciting news!