College Avenue Renovation Project

College Avenue Renovation Project

Renovation & Design by Copper Dwelling + Design

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Copper Dwelling + Design’s recently completed project on College Ave was a big undertaking. This historic home, built in the early 1900s, was split into a duplex for many years. Our clients decided to take back their home and restore it for their own family. The tree-lined streets of College Ave are stunning and compliment this brick bungalow so well!

When we presented the project to our clients, there was one main decision that they needed to make; would they move out completely or were they going to live through the renovations? They chose to live through the renovations, so the most important step was to shore up any structurally compromised aspects of this 100 year old home. Addressing fundamental building repairs was important as it allowed us to create a level floor. If you’ve ever owned a historic home, you know just how hard it can be to level floors.

Next, we tore down the walls exposing some amazing, and previously hidden, brick features inside the home. The primary goal of opening the home up was to create a clear line of sight through the home from the front entryway to the new back door.

The original kitchen was small and dark. By closing off the existing back hallway, we were able to create an incredible gourmet kitchen that is triple the size of the old kitchen. The tudor-style window in the kitchen is probably my top 3 favorite things in the home. This window choice was bold, but strategic, in that it lets in so much light into the space.

To create more functional spaces, we added on to the house by creating a new bedroom and full bathroom, and powder room. To accommodate this newly constructed addition, the back door was relocated to the center back of the house. To complete the new back-entryway, we installed a 1920’s inspired encaustic tile floor. We chose a stately black paneled french door which allows light to pour over the gorgeous floors and brighten the kitchen. This area became my number one favorite feature of the home.

In the living room, we framed in a custom fireplace over an existing insert to resemble the brick flue that was exposed during demo. Our clients wanted a farmhouse chic vibe and they picked out an incredible slab of walnut for their mantle. The fireplace married the historic character of the house and tied the look in the living room together to make it feel much larger.

The final phase was turning the home from a duplex into a single family unit. We tore down the stairwell wall that was originally only accessible from the outside through a separate entrance and created a side-foyer which gave the main part of the house access to the stairwell.

The construction phase of the home took about 10 months to complete. Our incredible clients somehow managed to stay sane while living through it all day in and day out, but we’re happy to report that all of the renovations were worth it!

Before & After Photos College Avenue Renovation Project