Kitchen Renovations: Process & Timeline

Kitchen Renovations: Process & Timeline

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The Kitchen Renovation Timeline

Allow your kitchen remodel 12 weeks. We always hope we can get a kitchen done in 8-10 weeks, but as we mentioned in Part 1, unknown complications can and do happen.

When possible, we recommend our clients do one of the following three things to help them survive their kitchen remodel:

  1. Move out temporarily when possible

  2. Set up a makeshift kitchen in another room away from the dust & work

  3. Live through it. We will try to keep your sink and appliances in for as long as possible, however, you may go a day or two without a sink during counter install. This scenario usually adds a lot of stress to a family and can sometimes make the kitchen renovation process longer.

The Kitchen Renovation Process

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  1. Demo day. Kitchen renovation demo day is the day that you say goodbye to your cabinets, counters and any walls that are moving. Usually, any of those unwanted surprises reveal themselves during demo.

  2. Electrical & new plumbing

  3. Drywall.

  4. Cabinets installation

  5. Counters installation

  6. Backsplash installation

  7. Floor refinishing

  8. Painting

  9. Lighting installation

As stressful as a time it may be, it’s worth every week and every penny once you’re sitting there hosting your first party and showing it off.

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Turn to a design professional to help you think of all the little things you might be overlooking. You may think you can’t afford it, but I guarantee you will end up spending the same amount in overlooked items that can end up costing you time and money.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you pick out a sturdy cabinet that will stand the test of time, counters and a backsplash that won’t date itself in a couple years and lighting that will make the room cozy and functional.