The Hats We Wear & Keeping An Attitude of Gratitude

The Hats We Wear & Keeping An Attitude of Gratitude

Brittany Kelly, owner & designer: Copper Dwelling & Design

Oh the many hats we wear. I get asked daily, " how do you do it all?" Truth is... I don't. Some days I do it really well and some days I fail miserably. The holidays are a time that we are reminded of gratitude. I look back over the past few years and I have so much to be thankful for yet so much seems like a blur. It's funny when you pause and think about all the things you've said yes to. At this very second, I'm a wife, a mom to 3 vivacious girls, an interior designer, PTO Vice President, Board Member of Early Learning Partnership, Co-founder of an Activist group, and my neighborhood's Empowerment Leader. These are just my current official titles. These don't include the unofficial hats I wear as my husband's assistant, our tax preparer, the maid, the cook, the taxi, the tutor, the caretaker and family peace mender. 

When I type this out I understand why I feel so tired all the time. I understand why I go through the drive thru so much and have gained 25 lbs in 5 years. I understand why most days I wear no makeup and a messy bun. I understand why I drop the ball sometimes on a project or why I procrastinate. I'm slowly having to learn how to be a "no thank you" person. Although, since my marriage counselor told me years ago, to stop saying yes, I believe my list got longer. My problem is, I'm passionate about a lot of things and they're all things I want to be apart of. I just have to learn to be thankful for the opportunities and the lessons that I've learned along my path. 

Michael and I have been blessed to be able to work together towards a career dream. We are entrepreneurs and have had some very successful ventures and some total flops! Since our marriage almost 13 years ago, we've owned 6 businesses, some simultaneously and others not. The good news is, we're still standing but with greater knowledge than ever and more precious souls in our lives. If anyone came to me and told me I got a do-over, I would kindly turn it down. The people we have met along the way and the hard lessons learned, are what made us who we are today. I feel we can weather anything thrown our way including a 2008 collapse of an economy. 

November is always my month of reflection on the past and my motivator for the next year. What can I do better, what should I continue to do, and what are my top "too important to let go" things? Through it all, I find my gratitude in each obligation. I think of the struggles I conquered, the sleepless nights of wondering how will I fit it all in the next day. When I reflect on these days, I'm reminded that somehow, someway we survived. We may have had McDonalds for dinner. The kids may not have gotten a bath every night or a bedtime story, but they were loved. Our kids, for the most part, just go along with the flow. It's all they've known. Lola grew up in a pack-n-play in our gift shop/wine bar. She sat in her car seat in my spa's reception room, sleeping, while I worked giving massages.

Don't try to fit some mold. Don't worry if every day isn't perfect. I've found those are the days that are most memorable and the ones you look back on and laugh at the most. Michael nicknamed me "Mother of the Year" (sarcastically). I live up to it daily. I believe it all started when we flew to Dallas when Lola was about 5 months old and we ran out of diapers. I made her one out of paper towels and blue painters tape, until we could get to a store to buy some. You know what, it's a great picture that I look back on and think , man we were ingenious.
Trust me, I wish there were days where I could do nothing. I'm sure those days will come when my girls head off to college. In the mean time, I'm going to follow my chaos.

As long as my passion flame is still lit inside of me, I'll try to be the best I can. Understand my best may not be stellar. I will continue to be grateful for the chance to get to do what I love and surround myself with friends and family who make me laugh. Get rid of anything that is toxic in your life. They tend to blur your happiness and it's hard to see the gratitude you have for life when toxic people, habits or commitments get in the way. I encourage you for the month of November to journal nightly, just one or two sentences. Write down something that happened to you that day that you are grateful for. It's fun to look back to years past and reflect on those things. They shape you. #attitudeofgratitude