Things I Wish I’d Known About Kitchen Remodeling

Things I Wish I’d Known About Kitchen Remodeling

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What is it with everyone wanting a kitchen renovation? Well, I’m the first to tell you, any kitchen is the heart of a home, so it makes sense that everyone wants to update their kitchen. It’s where you gather for dinner with family, where homework is completed, where drinks are poured and stories with friends happen. And in my home, it’s where a party ends up, whether you want it to or not.

Twelve weeks after you utter those ten-infamous words, you have the most amazing kitchen. You’ve gotten rid of those awful laminate counters, you’ve utilized that wasted space in the corner. You no longer have a peninsula that juts out in the middle of the floor and divides the space up. You’re sitting at your new island staring into a phenomenal new backsplash and sipping on your pour over coffee made with your insta hot water system you installed. All is well in the world.

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What is the cost of a kitchen renovation?

More often than not, kitchen renovations start with 10 simple words and the unassuming belief that a kitchen renovation is an easy undertaking. “I want some new cabinets, counters and maybe re-configure the layout.” But what most clients don’t realize is that those 10 words can cost $35,000 before you know it.

I’m here to break down what you can expect when you utter those 10 words, and to explain how we come up with that kitchen renovation cost.

Flashback 12 weeks to the start of your kitchen remodel project… We’re excited--we’ve come up with a plan and it’s time to crunch numbers. We have setup a plan to carefully manage the design & installation process, timeline, and budget.

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The hidden kitchen renovation costs

It’s obvious that the new counters will cost you, the new cabinets, and maybe the new appliances but what about the hidden kitchen renovation costs that you were not expecting?

When reconfiguring a space, a good interior designer thinks ahead about moving electrical, plumbing, what the floor looks like underneath that cabinet that you moved, and the fact that now the layout of your lights in the ceiling makes no sense.

Next thing you know, you’re watching all the upgrades take place, and you think “Gosh, it sure would be nice to have some under cabinet lighting and a few extra can lights in here”. Or “I think we want to add a garbage disposal and an insta hot system to the sink”. And “Man, the trim in the rest of the house looks dirty compared to the new trim in the kitchen.” Before long, those items that you never once thought about, have upped your budget. It never fails.

As an interior designer, it’s my job to give you all the information that you need and manage your budget as wisely as possible. Our design team recommends a 20% buffer to our clients for those “extras & unknowns.” Nothing could be worse than having $30k for a project and running out of money because of the unknowns then having to make shortcuts to get the job done.

Learn more about the kitchen remodeling process and timeline in part 2 of this blog series.