We Made It A Year...What's Next?

We Made It A Year...What's Next?

Copper Dwelling & Design, Owner & Designer Brittany Kelly

8760 Hours

The amount of time we spent finding our clients their dream homes and making their visions come to life. Being a Realtor and Interior Designer are two jobs that you simply don't get to clock in at 9am and leave behind at 5pm. There are days when I have no clue if the dogs got fed or the kids. However, we made it.

A year ago today, we decided to take the leap and join forces combining Copper Dwelling + Design. It was a scary thought of Michael going out on his own with Allen Tate but it is one goal that we had set our minds to. With three quarters to go into the year, he nailed VIP each quarter. I couldn't be more proud of the realtor he's become. 

I was honored to design multiple commercial locations and dozens of residential properties. From tearing out walls and blowing out ceilings, to scraping wallpaper, installing new floors, new furniture, amazing light fixtures and some incredible kitchens and bathrooms; I have to say, we knocked this year out of the park.

In February, we added a new division of Copper Dwelling & Design called "BIG ASS BLOOMS". We wanted something different to give our clients as a way of saying "Thank You". They are a life-sized bouquet of flowers that are bound to brighten up every room in a house. We love delivering these babies upon the closing of a client. 

So what's next you ask? Well... we have some pretty lofty goals in the coming year, including the possibility of a store front. Yes, we've been there and done that but we miss it. So, if all goes well, we hope to open the doors of The Mercantile By Copper Dwelling + Design.

So stay tuned for all things CD+D. You never know what we'll come up with next. (I mean, we don't even know what's next!) But here's to 365 days of success and not killing each other.