Where Did The Name Copper Dwelling & Design Come From?

Where Did The Name Copper Dwelling & Design Come From?

Just about once a week, the question of "What's with the name", gets asked. It's a really simple answer but always a good conversation piece. Well, the answer is... Our house is all Copper. Built in 2003, by Architect & Interior Design Professor at Winthrop, Greg Tew, the home is a one of a kind here in the Southeast. The copper Tew used was bought as flat pieces, which he took to a fabricator to turn the edges of the pieces so they would fit together.

They used more than 700 pieces of copper, each four and a half square feet. Tew would put up about 70 to 80 pieces a day, involving joining the pieces, then lining them up on the house. The difficult part of using the material was making sure it was level, a tricky task because the house is three levels. They had to wear gloves to put it up so the oils from their hands wouldn't tarnish it. The house is built in the dogtrot style, an old Southern style, where two boxes are separated by a wood porch. It was created from the single-room log house.

When the family outgrew the house, they added on a second house next to the first. The two buildings were joined by a common roof and a connecting wooden floor. The style allows air to breeze through. Over the years, the house will go through a series of color stages, showing purple swirls, russet to light brown, then chocolate shades to its ultimate color, a blue-green patina. The house is an ever changing work of art and design. 

When at neighborhood functions or events around town, we're often introduced as "The family in the Copper House". For years, this was the case. It became our adjective. So 3 years ago, when deciding a name for our Real Estate & Design Company, the descriptive words used for the past several years seemed like the perfect choice. Therein lies the birth of Copper Dwelling & Design. Stop by sometime and check it out. At our last research a few years ago, and as far as we know, it's the only copper cladded house in the Southeast. 

Our Latest snow this week. It's a rarity here in South Carolina.